Holiday Smoked Meat Feast!

Jack’s BBQ is continuing its holiday tradition of bringing the best smoked meats to you for your holiday party. This year, Jack will be slowly smoking Prime Rib, Brisket and Turkey over mesquite wood that creates a delicious flavor that just can’t be beat.

Select your time for pickup when making your order and leave the rest to us. Turkey and Brisket will be kept warm for you while Prime Rib will be cooked to a perfect medium rare and chilled for you to bring up to temperature at home.

Prices and Ordering

Prices and average weights for smoked meats are as follows:

  • Prime Ribs range from 10-12 lbs @ $29/lb.

  • Turkeys range from 12-16 lbs @ $9/lb.

  • Briskets range from 7-10 lbs @ $24/lb.

A $100 deposit is required for both Prime Rib and Briskets while a $50 deposit is required for turkeys. The balance will be paid at pick-up.