A Jack’s BBQ Classic – The Smoked Orange Old Fashioned

Few things go better with Texas BBQ than Bourbon. Well, maybe a frosty Shiner Bock but we said few…and an Old Fashioned tops the list of thirst quenching cocktails at our joint.

At Jack’s BBQ, we make a delicious Old Fashioned that is our signature drink. On any given week, we’ll serve hundreds of these bad boys that keep customers clamoring for more. The smokiness of the oranges and sweetness of the smoked brown sugar – both prepared in our massive smoker out back – give this cocktail a one-two punch that just can’t be beat.


The Key Components – Smoked Brown Sugar, Oranges, and Brandied Cherries

Because we are giving people, and also believe that everyone should drink more bourbon when they are able (in moderation, of course) – we wanted to share our recipe for our version of an Old Fashioned that y’all can make in the privacy of your own home. A word of warning though – if you serve this to friends be prepared to spend the rest of your evening making them drinks. It’s sure to be a hit.

One of the key ingredients in our cocktail is smoked brown sugar. We put a sheet pan of brown sugar about 1/4″ high at the low end of our smoker where the temperature is about 175 degrees Fahrenheit and smoke it for 2/5-3 hours. From there it hardens after being cooled in a refrigerator. Once cooled, we break it apart and make simple syrup using about 6 quarts of water to the sheet pan of brown sugar.

The smoked orange is also a signature component of our Old Fashioned. Here, we cut the oranges in half and then smoke them face down on a grate at 175 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the oranges to soak up some of the meaty flavors left on the grates as they smoke for 1.5-2 hours until they are slightly brown. We then cool the oranges down to room temperature and squeeze them off to create a delicious smoked OJ.

Last but not least, there are the brandied cherries we use for our Old Fashioned. We soak Bing cherries in brandy with a touch of clove and cinnamon for 30 days prior to adding one to each cocktail.


Jack’s BBQ Smoked Orange Old Fashioned Recipe

Without further ado, here’s the recipe for the best damned Old Fashioned you’ll ever have!

  • Take a 10 oz highball glass and fill with rocks
  • 3 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Add 1/2 T of Simple syrup
  • Pour a generous 1/2 T of Smoked OJ

Smoked Orange Old Fashioned Jack's BBQ

  • Fill glass with 3 oz of bourbon (we use Evan Williams which is a well bourbon though you can substitute with something a bit nicer if you’d like)

Smoked Orange Old Fashioned Jack's BBQ

  • Top with a Brandied cherry
  • Add an Orange twist from a fresh orange

Smoked Orange Old Fashioned Jack's BBQ

There you have it – time to drink up and eat some tasty BBQ!

Smoked Orange Old Fashioned Jack's BBQ